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When it comes to criminal charges, experience matters

As a former felony prosecutor for Wichita County, Attorney Tom C. Cotton is the ideal choice for a criminal defense lawyer. Choose him for his extensive experience in felony charges, misdemeanors, and traffic citations in state, federal, and all other courts. You'll get one-on-one, personalized service from an attorney who cares.

• Drug cases, including charges of possession, manufacturing, delivery

• Theft, burglary, and robbery, including shoplifting, forgery, and credit card abuse/identity theft

• Assault, including in difficult and emotional cases

• Young offenders, including theft, assault, drugs, and other cases

• Probation violations, resolve charges of probation or contract violations

Trust a successful attorney in areas such as:

Attorney Cotton can make the bail bonds for his clients charged with criminal offenses. This can save you time and money as compared to using a bonding company.


Call us for help with any type of criminal charge, including DUI cases & DWI cases.

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Don't speak to the police without talking to your attorney first. Trust our aggressive legal team to fight to protect your rights.

Your future will be altered by the outcome of your criminal case.

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