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Work with Attorney Tom C. Cotton to guide you through any type of custody battle. These are some of the most emotionally charged battles you can face, often with two parents who believe different things about what's best for their child. Let our experienced, compassionate attorney be there, by your side, through this difficult time.

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• Defense of parents against Child Protective Services

• Lawsuits affecting the parent/child relationship - SAPCR

• Child custody and child visitation, custody trials

• Domestic violence cases

• Divorce and other family law cases

• Seeking rights with children and modifying those rights

• Creating customized visitation schedules

• Modification of visitation schedules & child support

• Modification of transportation provisions for visitation

Choose an attorney with years of experience including in:

As an experienced trial attorney, Tom C. Cotton is ready to help you

learn all of your rights and options pertaining to child custody. There's a lot on the line and we understand the importance of the outcome to you and your family. That's why we will fight to protect your rights, no matter if you are filing for divorce, filing an original custody case, battling over child support, or facing other family law challenges.

Don't go to court on your own

You're facing one of the hardest legal matters of your life. Let us stay by your side through it. Choose an attorney serving the community successfully since 1982.

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