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Protect your driver's license with our experience

Attorney Tom C. Cotton has the goal of protecting the rights and minimizing disruption of daily life, as well as protecting your driver's license and driving record, in all DUI and DWI cases. It is essential that you seek out qualified legal advice if you are charged with this crime. Talk to us before you speak to the police.


You need an aggressive attorney to defend you. Realize there are consequences to refusing breath tests, taking breath tests that

you fail, and heavy fines, including as much as $2000 per year

for 3 years in surcharges due to the state of Texas if you are convicted. Don't delay speaking to an attorney. Let us help you to obtain occupational and essential need driver's licenses if you have a suspended license.

Let us help you understand your rights

When you work with Attorney Cotton, you'll get information on the various ways to keep a DWI and DUI charge from becoming a final conviction, which could help you to reduce the fines you have to pay, avoid costly surcharges and increased insurance premiums.


Keep in mind that Attorney Cotton is here for you for any type of 

criminal charge. If you are facing a crime, don't do it alone. Let our compassionate and experienced attorney work through the legal process with you.

Work towards reinstatement with us

Contact Attorney Cotton for bail bonds. As his client, he can help with bonds, saving you time and the expense of hiring a bonding company.

Rely on an attorney serving the area since 1982. Give us a call now for a FREE consultation on DUI and DWI.


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